Wednesday, November 22, 2017

SKETCHBOOK: "Cars at the Auto Museum"

 Yesterday and today, I went sketching at the Kansas City Automobile Museum in Olathe, Kansas. It's been in operation for 3 years now, but I have only just recently heard about it. It's a wonderful place to sit and draw, with great music from the Big Band era to Hot Rod Rock & Roll tunes from the 1960s. The also change up part of the exhibit each month, so there will be more to draw. I will be hanging out there a lot!!  

Click HERE for the link to the Museum's web page!

Friday, October 27, 2017

On The News Today!

I had an exciting morning! I got to be a story on the news today! KMBC Channel 9 news did a report on my chalk drawings that I do on my driveway (thanks to my daughter, Jenni, who sent in photos to them).
Reporter Keleigh Gibbs and cameraman Greg Steele came by on a very chilly day to interview me. I even did a demo and added another dinosaur skeleton to the scene.
For anyone who missed the segment tonight, click HERE to see the video on Keleigh's FaceBook page.
And if you are a new visitor to this blog, and would like to find out more about my life after losing my wife (as mentioned in the segment), here is a postcard that tells about my new book "Jewels in the Junkyard" (available on

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Today was a lovely morning to work on another idea for my driveway...a T-Rex to scare the little Trick or Treaters in my neighborhood.
I started with a loose sketch done with white chalk, then used "chalk paint" to fill in the shapes. The pigment is darker when wet, but dried to almost white. I need to look for some other supplier for the paints, so I can get some richer colors.
Here are a couple of selfies with my new pet.

UPDATE...I realized that I had forgotten to post a couple of other driveway murals that I did back during the summer of this year. Here is my "Summer Sea Serpent".

And after that one, I did some "Bugs"!